This Beginners Spindle Spinning course will take you though all the basics that you need to create your first three yarns using a drop spindle.


The course is made up of recorded videos and live zoom calls so you get the best of both worlds, time to learn at your own pace and an interactive session to ask questions and meet fellow beginner spinners.


It is accompanied by a  kit which includes all the materials and tools you will need. If you already have a spindle or would like to source your own fibres select the options that suit you. 


The course starts with videos released on Satuday before the live Zoom on Wednesday evenings at 7pm.


No experience needed for this course and groups are kept small so to build a sense of community. Support will be given through out via the live zoom calls and as part of a private Facebook group.

All fibres used will have been washed but wool can aggravate some skin conditions, please get in contact if you have concerns. 


Secrets of Spindle Spinning 5 week course

  • Introduction- how to set up your spindle

    Week 1- Spinning from combed tops. Covering how twist works and the park and draft method of spinning.

        Zoom- types of spindle

    Week 2 - Spinning from carded rolags. The differences between woollen and worsted spinning.

        Zoom- the basics of fleeces choosing a fibre to spin

    Week 3 - Plying and finishing yarn why it's necessary and common mistakes with spinning balanced yarns.

        Zoom-  twist and ply in yarn design

    Week 4- Suspended spinning with combed tops and plying one thread on itself

        Zoom- spinning for consitency or not

    Week 5 - Spinning carded batts and finishing a single thread.

        Zoom- finished objects

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