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Online Course Terms and Conditions 

  1. Students are forbidden from sharing the content of this course, information, documents, content, videos, and similar, with anyone else. It should be used for personal use, and not copied or imitated in any way for any other purpose. 

  2. Students use the Slow Yarn Spinner’s courses at their own risk, The Slow Yarn Spinner takes no responsibility for any damage resulting in following this course.

  3. Payment for courses is due in full before the start date prospective students will be refused access to the course if payment has not been made. 

  4. The Slow Yarn Spinner has the right to remove students immediately from the course if they are found to be misusing, damaging or having negative impact on the group or The Slow Yarn Spinner any way, and also reserve the right to decline entry to subsequent courses on this basis.

  5. Content of the course may be edited by The Slow Yarn Spinner at any time.

  6. The Slow Yarn Spinner will do its best by its students and welcomes feedback or questions at any point via email

These terms and conditions do not affect statutory rights and by joining a Slow Yarn Spinner course this means that students agree to these terms. 

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