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The Yarn So Far...

Hello, I'm Ruth, a yarn spinner and spinning teacher based online and in the beautiful city of Norwich.

I call myself an urban spinner. Spinning in the city at first sight has many limitations, I do not have the space or resources for spinning that living in the countryside would afford. Instead I make the most of living in a city and adapt spinning processes to the urban environment. The hints and tips I have learnt from years of spinning in this way give a unique perspective to my spinning workshops. I can still buy fleece from a farmer although I have no transport of my own. I can clean fleece though I have a tiny bathroom and no outside space to dry it. Spinning is not only possible but easy in these situations and my online courses will show you how.

The Slow Yarn Spinner is the culmination of a 10-year fascination with yarn. My passion for Spinning has grown from a desire to make my own knitting yarn from sustainable materials to encompass the whole process of turning fleece into yarn. From choosing fleeces, cleaning them, processing, designing yarns and spinning them I love every step of the process. In 2019, I added to my practical knowledge of spinning though my MA dissertation researching spinning as living cultural heritage in Britain today. It is this love of materials, skills and heritage that I put into my workshops.

In the current coronavirus crisis everyone is having to adapt. My in person workshops are on hold until it is safe to interact again. The 10th July 2020 saw the launch of my Crowdfund page 'Help The Slow Yarn Spinner Go Digital!' With your support I have been able to launch online courses for beginner spindle spinners coming soon will be a spinning subscription box for those what want to experiment and expand their knowledge of the craft. .

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