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Every yarn has a story to tell. The yarns I make are often in response to the places I live. I use spinning as a way to explore how people are connected to places and the natural environment. Recently I have created textile pieces in response to the climate crisis and the increasingly extreme weather events we are experiencing as a result.

Takes Flight
We Are All Crew
Planet A
Field Fire
The Sore
Rebel Yarns Exhibition
The Path
Take Flight worn during the Big One For Biodiversity March 2023
Spindle spinning Dartmoor
Destination Dartmoor
Snowy Tor
Wildfire scarf woven on a rigid heddle loom
Natural fibres clasped weft textile
'Home' crocheted blanket
Cow Tower Norwich
Cow tower inspired yarn
spinning Cow Tower inspired yarn
Blending fibre before and after spinning
Filming with Family Portraits
Slow Spinning Quayside Norwich
lockdown reflections outside the Forum Norwich
Spinning Elm Hill
Going to spin Elm Hill
Spinning Kit
Ryland, Shetland wools
Right mixed fibres left merino
Electric spinning wheel
skeins of yarn
Beaded blue faced Leicester and silk, alpaca and silk
Alpaca and silk
Shetland fleece and rolags
Merino spun on a handheld spindle
Merino spun on an electric spinning wheel
Wool and silk, mixed fibre, merino yarns
Wool and silk and 2 Falkland yarns
Fixed fibres spun as colour changed yarn
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