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This Kit contains everything you need to get started or explore spinning wool on a drop spindle. It is  all about celebrating the diversity and versatility of wools grown and processed in the UK. There is also an additional wild fibre batt made from materials that would have otherwise ended up in landfill. 


 The Kit includes a spindle, 5 different types fibre and a cotton project bag

- 2 combed tops 

- 2 carded batts 

- one set of rolags


Colours and content may vary but will always contain wool that was grown and processed in the UK and one belnded fibre batt made from lap wast and recycled sari silk. 



Explore Spindle Spinning Kit (comes free with 5 week course)

  • All wool contained in this kit will have been washed but wool and lanolin can agrivate some skin contitons or cause an allergic reaction. 

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